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Last night after everyone (including Adele) was smarting from Beyoncé’s grossly unfair Album of the Year loss, Tidal gently patted us on the heads and placed in our hands a midnight surprise-release that assuaged the disappointment: a new single from DJ Khaled’s album featuring Bey and Jay.

On “Shining,” Beyoncé puts on her singing rapper/rapping singer cap—it’s times like these I reluctantly appreciate the ascension of Drake aesthetics—and lists all the ways she is winning, none of which have fuck-all to do with a dang Grammy. “Money don’t make me happy/and a fella can’t make me fancy/I’m smilin for a whole ‘nother reason/It’s all smiles through all four seasons.”


The spirit in this is nourishing, a summer jam of the much-needed positivity sorts, and Beyoncé singing in the lowest of her low register is full of warmth. But surprisingly enough, the best part may be Jay Z, rapping about the family’s forthcoming newborn twins: “Ran to the dealer, boy/twin Mercedes/the European trucks for the twin babies/Don’t let me have a son, I’m a fool/send him to school in all my jewels/I want a boy and girl if I’m for true/Whatever God give me, I’m cool.” He laughs that inimitable Jay chuckle in there, and his pure joy at being a father shines through. Love is love!

Appropriately, the adorable cover art depicts Khaled’s infant son, Asahd, who will receive an executive producer credit on his forthcoming album, Grateful.


Everyone is having babies! Listen above or on Tidal.

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