Selena Gomez is a Sexy but Sad Housewife in the 'Fetish' Video

Image via YouTube

Selena Gomez—viewed through Petra Collins’s hazy, sparkling lens—plays a housewife going through some shit in the video for “Fetish,” and she’s sexy, sad and a little confused about how to use an eyelash curler.

The plot of the video is a little hard to parse, but it’s nice to look at: a perpetually hazy suburb replete with lens flare and sprinklers gone wild, populated by only Selena Gomez, her ennui, and Gucci Mane. There’s also a bag of groceries that meets a fate it clearly does not deserve; some ripped thigh-highs; and a scene in the bathroom involving an eyelash curler that I will probably never understand.

Image via YouTube

Selena, girl, I know you know how to use that thing, but I will let this pass in the name of Art. Eventually she makes her way to a giant walk-in freezer, perhaps to seek respite from the sodden mess she made of her home, what with the wine glasses and the smushed tomatoes on the ground—but it’s only so she can writhe around on the ground while Gucci Mane helps out.

It’s nice to look at but doesn’t make much sense. I’ll take it.

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