Selena Gomez Is Back and Not Taking Crap

Selena Gomez and Anna Wintour at the Coach Fall 2017 show this week. Image via Getty.

Selena Gomez, after a short hiatus she attributed to proactively taking care of her mental health, is now back as a dance diva on a song by Norwegian EDM producer Kygo entitled “It Ain’t Me.” In it, she seems to unearth the forgotten link between bluegrass and bar anthems, while also lyrically dumping a wack dude who is, hopefully, Bieber.

Additionally, this song is stylistically dabbling in EDM-country, a genre that perhaps Aviici has made the most famous. But he didn’t really go this route—the spurned woman asserting her independence over a toast at the local honky-tonk, if the honky-tonk were a bottle-service club in a hotel on the Las Vegas strip. If you don’t like it now, it will probably grow on you after you’ve heard it 600 times!


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