Sense8 Will Come Back From the Dead With a Two-Hour Special

Image via Netflix
Image via Netflix

When Sense8, Netflix’s sci-fi drama created by Lana and Lilly Wachowski, was abruptly canceled earlier this month after just two seasons, there was a considerate amount of backlash. Now, the show will be returning with a surprise two-hour special.


In a letter posted by Lana Wachowski, she writes that the special will be released next year and exists in part because of the fans who spoke out against the show being canceled.


Sense8 was cancelled on the first day of Pride month, which especially upset fans considering the Wachowski sisters are both trans and the show includes LGBT characters. A petition created for the show’s return reached 522,772 supporters. Although Netflix has axed a few shows early into their run, most recently Girlboss and The Get Down, the cancellation of a diverse show like Sense8 struck a nerve. “The message of inclusivity and liberty is really necessary right now,” star Toby Onwumere said at the second season’s premiere in April.

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Now please make it so Kala gets off her wishy washy ass and goes to save Wolfgang. And Sun and the hot cop bring down her shit brother, so the finale can be perfect.

Also Lito becomes a huge star in Hollywood, so his old agency in Mexico has to come begging for him to even look their way.

Tie up those ends and everything/everyone else falls into place.