In the teaser trailer for Being Serena, Serena Williams narrates her anxieties about playing tennis after discovering she was pregnant.


“Oh my god, how am I gonna play?” she asks, while doing a workout routine most of us couldn’t manage even when we’re not carrying a child. Williams recently described the harrowing details of her baby’s delivery, which literally almost killed her. She was bedridden for six weeks, and suffered from postpartum blood clots. Despite the intense recovery period, she was competing again within months.

In January of 2018, Williams decided not to go to the Australian Open, disappointed in her own performance during her first official match against Jelena Ostapenko. She played competitively in February, losing a doubles match with her sister, Venus Williams, but winning against Richel Hogenkamp in a singles match. Though the trailer ominously indicates some sort of doubt in her ability to be the world’s greatest athlete again after having a baby, the reality is that Williams is working for it. She believes in herself, and dammit, we believe in her!


“I put so much pressure on myself. I want to make sure that I’m the best. I don’t know if there’s anything left for me in tennis,” she says, before finally confirming, “I’m not done yet.”

Hell yeah.

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My hope is that Serena is happy. Whether that means she gets one more Grand Slam just so she can prove to herself she’s a bad ass; or if she decides that she doesn’t need it and instead continues to make a ton of cash appearing in Beyonce videos, being a brand ambassador, and being a bad ass mom.