For the 20th anniversary of Sex and the City—which premiered on HBO on June 6, 1998 and went on to become iconic prestige television—Jezebel is doing a week of posts dedicated to our favorite band of sexual women friends.

In Season 4, we really get cooking. We get e-mail, we get passionate Maria, artist and temporary girlfriend to Samantha Jones, PR, we get more Trey-can’t-get-it-up drama, we get all the Aiden/Big confrontation that nobody! asked! for! The year is 2001 and we are partying like it is 2001!!!


Producer: Phoebe Bradford, Creative Producer: Eddie Costas

Senior Editor, Jezebel

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KristenfromMA - A Moon Shaped Fool

No way could Aiden have afforded an Asscher-cut diamond that big. No fucking way.