Silicon Valley's Brilliant Losers Battle a New CEO in the Season 3 Trailer

At the end of Silicon Valley’s previous season, Richard was ousted as CEO of his company Pied Piper. The trailer for Season 3 shows him and his crew of lovable startup dweebs trying to get their baby back from a new CEO/nemesis, aka a “gray-haired fossil.”


“You have created a company too valuable for you to run,” Lauren, the VC mastermind behind the Pied Piper takeover, tells Richard, and she’s absolutely right. These guys are brilliant headless chickens who continue to get opportunities to screw up and eventually figure things out.

All the while, Hooli and its Zen leader Kevin is looking for the right time to swoop in and control the data compression market and I’m like, “0000101010101010100000011111000000!!!!!”


The show is back April 24.

Culture Editor, Jezebel

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I love the show and I’m excited for the new season but I hope they don’t continue to make one step of progress and take two steps backwards. Literally every episode was like that and it started to get annoying.