Simone Biles Stars In Her First Music Video With... Jake Miller?

Simone Biles looks gorgeous in Jake Miller’s “Overnight” video, in which they make eyes at each other in an abandoned warehouse. Abandoned warehouses are the optimal place to respectfully but intentionally touch each other, according to music videos.


Who is Jake Miller? He’s one of those young men who are caught in perpetual adolescence, who built up a fan base on YouTube. He’s popular with teens, and Simone Biles is a teen who was nursing a crush on Miller before she won the gold:


And after:

If you work hard and break records, you too could play the love interest in your obscure fantasy man’s music video someday. But Simone Biles is Queen of the Olympics—she could have had absolutely anyone. Alas, it’s her dream and she’s living it.

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Nick Miller would have been better