SMILF Is Coming Back and Kerry Washington Is Directing!

Behold the new trailer for SMILF, the sweet lil’ comedy in which creator/writer/director/star Frankie Shaw plays a twenty-something single mother who possesses a painfully funny capacity for fucking up her life.


When this show debuted in 2017 I went into it with skepticism—we’ve been so burned by other shows about young white women doing dumb shit—but emerged as a true fan and total stan for Shaw, who is a delight in the lead role as Bridgette and also wrote a show that examines class, race, gender expectations, and sexuality with the kind of nuance you might want from a half-hour cable network comedy. This trailer doesn’t give much away about the second season, other than more emotional scenes with her mother (played by Rosie O’Donnell), a Marie Antoinette dream sequence, a moment where Bridgette seems to have gotten cornrows (which will surely be addressed in the show as another clueless, shitty, dumb thing Bridgette does, cause that’s the type of show this is), and a part where she seems to take Xannies with Ally, the rich lady she nannies for (Connie Britton). And a press release tells us that guest stars will include Melanie Griffith and Ally Sheedy (!), and Kerry Washington will guest-direct, which is extremely exciting! The new season premieres January 20, if we make it.

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OH. GOOD. When I saw Frankie Shaw on Homecoming I feared the worst + it’s been so long since season 1.