So, Barbra Streisand Is Making a Movie About Catherine the Great

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Costume porn: incoming.

That’s according to Deadline. Streisand plans to direct—her first non live-in-concert project since The Mirror Has Two Faces. The script is by Kristina Lauren Anderson and made the Black List (of promising but unproduced scripts) in 2014. Deadline lays out the angle:

The pic is about a sensual Catherine trapped in an abusive marriage with the heir to the Russian throne. But, when her inept husband proves incapable of ruling, she utilizes her intelligence, fortitude, and passion to rise to power, becoming Catherine the Great.


Catherine the Great has been the subject of previous biopics, including 1934’s The Rise of Catherine the Great starring Elisabeth Bergner and a 1995 TV movie with Catherine Zeta Jones as the lead.

The historical Catherine the Great did not die during sex with a horse.

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GTFO with your POMO bullshit

They just did a wonderful miniseries about her rise to power in Russia. I loved it. It’s a shame that it’s not accessible to a wider audience.

Here’s the trailer with English subs though: