Oh, you didn’t hear? Christina pierced her hair. She also dyed it the silvery shade of lavender that many cool girls currently covet (and is my present favorite shade of nail polish), but that’s neither here nor there because she pierced her hair, a smoking hot new look that WWD calls an “alt-angle,” as in “alternative,” which is what we called things that were non-“normie” in the 1990s.

You SEE children, gather round! Piercings, like black lipstick and candy-painted hair dye, used to connote a sense of disdain for the establishment and the notion that people were really bucking society and trends and CONFORMITY. Youths pierced their noses and eyebrows and lips and dicks and the upper part of their ears and even their tongues, can you believe that shit? The olden days were so wild; back then Christina had a nose ring AND a labret, but now she is an adult human with two young children who could feasibly and painfully rip those rings out. So instead, a compromise: hair piercing, it’s that hot new thing.

Here she is again with the hair, but also talking (action shot):


“...confidence in yourself, which I have been waiting for awhile for you to own the fact that you have such a great...”