Solange Announces A Seat at the Table Vinyl Release and Live Performances

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Pop artists love to make fine art a part of their practice, but Solange is doing something entirely different. Through her performances she keeps redefining the boundaries between live music shows and performance art as she continues to stage beautiful, large-scale pieces. And now, with the announcement of a limited edition red vinyl release of A Seat at the Table on September 29, Solange has also announced a six-show series titled “Orions Rise.”


The shows will take place in Boston, Washington DC, New York, and Berkeley in late September and October and will “fuse music with performance art and feature an exciting lists of opening acts curated by Solange” according to a press release. Featured acts will include Earl Sweatshirt, Flying Lotus, French pianist Chassol, and the incredible Sun Ra Arkestra, with proceeds for a couple shows going to Hurricane Harvey relief.

Last Sunday, September 10, Solange performed a new piece titled “Musical Meditation,” a piece she described as being a work that encouraged “a moment of meditation and reflection to build internal energy through music and fellowship.” She will also be performing her piece called “Scales” in Marfa, Texas outside of a Donald Judd sculpture, a series of original compositions and works from A Seat at the Table that she also performed in Houston at the Menil Collection, in October. And at the Tate London right now you can catch Solange’s digital work “Seventy States” which includes a collection of music video concepts for songs on her last album.

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