Image via Youtube

In between staging performance pieces in art museums and venues across the country, Solange has found the time to direct a SZA video, and god bless her for it.

Made for SZA’s song “The Weekend,” you can definitely tell this video is directed by Solange, featuring the kind of architectural touches I now associate completely with her: graphic buildings, barren parking lots, pops of primary color. It opens with a kind of poetic subtitle: “one opted out, an imbalance of power, shifted the whole tide, it waved and waved.”


It’s such a beautiful, minimalist video, and very different from the butterfly-filled, surrealist videos SZA has done before for this record. And I love how the camera stays faraway on her the whole time. We never get close enough to SZA and it feels like Solange’s camerawork is teasing us.