Someone Made a Documentary About the Best Genre of Music: Film Scores

Some folks in Hollywood (namely a director named Matt Schrader) finally read my mind and made a documentary about my favorite genre of music—movie scores. It’s called Score, and it looks terrific.

In addition to showing archival footage of composers like John Williams tweaking some of their more iconic compositions, the trailer manages to subtly—and perhaps unintentionally—showcase the frustrating fact that the most successful and prolific film composers are white men. I think I only noticed just one person of color (Quincy Jones) and two women (Deborah Lurie and the great Rachel Portman) among all the talking heads, but as Manchester By the Sea composer Lesley Barber shared with me in an interview last year, the industry is becoming less and less dominated by people who look like Thomas Newman and John Williams every day.


Score hits theaters June 16.

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