Someone Was Trying to Sell Sia's Nudes, So She Released One For Free

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Image via Getty

Last night, after Sia says she became aware that someone was trying to sell naked photos of her, she decided to come right out and release one herself.

“Save your money, here it is for free,” she wrote in a tweet, which includes what appears to be a nude image of the notoriously private singer.


And she even included a joyous Christmas message!

Whether through paparazzi or hacking, nude or revealing photos of celebrities often make their way into the hands of people who want to sell them. After hackers invaded the private iCloud servers of celebrities back in 2014 dealers were soon selling the naked photos online, with Business Insider reporting that some images were going for roughly $350. And earlier this year actress Natalie Morales spoke out against paparazzi who were selling photos she said were purposefully taken up her skirt.


Sia’s move reminds me a bit of Emma Holten, who released her own nude photos, taken with a photographer, after an ex-boyfriend released old naked pictures of her as revenge porn.

Jezebel has reached out to Sia’s reps to see if she has any further comment and will update this post if she responds.

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It is beyond disgusting that anyone has to deal with this but Sia handled it like a fucking boss.

Get it, girl.