Sophia Webster's Latest Presentation Will Make You Step Up Your Eyeliner Game

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While we’re all perpetually wondering how to achieve the most perfect cat-eye, Sophia Webster posed a far more advanced question in her ‘60s girl group-inspired Spring ‘17 presentation for London Fashion Week. If the cat-eye’s just a cat’s eye, what kinda eyeliner does the cat wear?

Or, in this case, the bird; the accessory designer’s presentations are always deeply creative themed affairs. This one presented thoroughly modern models in feathered and peacocky costumes, posing in birdcages, for “Dolly Birds of Paradise.” The label had a correspondent named Zazie take us through it for a live video that offers closeups on her latest scrumptious shoes and bags, including metallic tropical flower sandals, rhinestoned platforms, and embroidered satin knee-high boots.

(Prayer to the Fashion Goddesses: May I wear this precise ensemble at some point in the near future.)


The beauty looks were the most immediately attainable, and usable even when you’re not dressing up like a tropical parrot: squiggly loops and filled-in triangles to emphasize your smize, a step up from the normal day-to-day.

Of course, elaborate eyeliner has been a trend for awhile, but it’s most often been seen on the runway; the way these Webster looks combine that high-fashion arty impulse with ‘60s-style drawn-on lashes makes it all seem a little bit more accessible, a little less dramatic. Also, one really good thing about the above middle look is that you don’t have to have a surgeon’s hand to apply it; you can literally just freestyle a trapezoid on your face and keep it moving.


Beautiful and easy because you don’t really need to do much else to the rest of your face. Also, the looks altogether are a really swinging party:

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