Instagram master and walking benzo Britney Spears released the first single from her upcoming ninth album Thursday night. The song is called “Make Me,” and is a smooth, Ariana Grande-esque ballad about someone who makes Britney “oooooh.” Spears is accompanied by rapper G-Eazy (whose real name is Gerard Earl Gillum, which should tell you everything) in a so-so verse that includes lyrics like, “Now follow me, let’s go / Like Penelope in Blow.”

Lame, sure, but at least I could understand what G-Eazy waz zaying! Spears’s vocals often sound like they were edited with a Vitamix, and there are a number a number of incomprehensible lyrics—but none are as baffling as the song’s first two words. Seven seconds into “Make Me,” just after the opening synth notes and falsetto baby, Spears says... something... followed by, “I’m dreaming a mile a minute.”

I thought she said, “Fran babe.”

Emma Carmichael heard, “Frog, day.”

Joanna Rothkopf, who answered after taking a break from writing more intimate letters to Kelly Stout, claimed to have heard, “For egg, dang.”


What about you? What do you hear in the alternative Rorschach test that is the first two words of “Make Me”?