Sorry for Your Game of Thrones Loss, But Here's a New Westworld Trailer

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Now that Game of Thrones is kaput, where are we going to train our screen-bound gazes? Should we talk to our partners or play with our pets or go outside? Fuck no! A new trailer for Westworld Season 3 has been released, so let’s remain hidden in our darkened apartments and watch it on repeat until the show returns in 2020!


The new trailer, set to Pink Floyd’s “Brain Damage,” gives us a good look at newcomer Aaron Paul, a less good look at Lena Waithe, and a medium-good look at series veteran Evan Rachel Wood, who is returning as Dolores. Kid Cudi and NFL player Marshawn Lynch are also around, but overall, the whole thing is pretty unmoored from its past reality. Those cars are flying!

According to TV Line, Vincent Cassel will play a villain? That seems to be about all there is to know for now, but don’t worry, we’ve got a full year to conjecture!

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As GoT ended, we’d been talking about shows that got it right from beginning to end (GoT is definitely not on the list) so naturally Breaking Bad has come up. Aaron Paul was so good in that so I’m glad to see him in a big show again.

That said, there is only one thing I care about wrt season 3 of Westworld and that is Maeve. She has consistently been the best part of the show and I really can’t imagine it without her.