Space Aliens Transmit Signals from London Fashion Week

Fashion month marches on with the infinitely more exciting London Fashion Week, and the initial dispatches are a full-blown thrill. These two looks in particular portend a far more interesting Fall 2015 than the droll one offered by many at New York Fashion week: bright, spacey, futuristic vibes that spark the imagination and have you fantasizing about your glamorous life on Mars.

Jonathan Saunders conjured a '60s space motif not far from those shown by Dior (or Comme des Garcons!) as of late—gogo Barbarellas from planet Amazon rainbow zone, and/or elegant Barbarellas working in offices. Space nerds, with a wide palette range. Get 'em girls.


Mary Katrantzou is always one of the most creative, thoughtful designers out, but this new collection blows it out of the water. Super focused on unexpected textures and materials, she made some of the most visually pleasing and tactile art-dresses and playsuits for girls from 2064. The clear ruffles on this dress alone make me more excited about fashion than I have been for two seasons—is that plastic? vellum? lucite?—or whenever Iris Van Herpen first did that collection with the 3-D printer.

This photo was captioned "Kenophobia vs. Modernism"—the latter is the fear of open spaces, the former is a celebration of them—so maybe navigating this tension was how Katrantzou ended up with a belt of—foam studs?


This clutch is clearly soundproof—I can't imagine why that would be practical, but it looks like heaven.


So was the floor! Opening a second savings account right now.


Almost just wanna be like, fuck everything else. Who is gonna top this? Iris, maybe.

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