Spend the Weekend Feeling Like a Misunderstood '80s Teen With This Stranger Things-Inspired Playlist

Image via Giphy/Netflix.

If you watched all eight episodes of Netflix’s newest (presumed) hit Stranger Things, there’s a good chance everything you’ve seen or listened to since has felt a little too, oh, contemporary—too painfully 2016. So before the official soundtrack is released (Netflix promises it will happen “soon”), take a gander at a Spotify playlist of music inspired by the series created by a fan named Sam Diss.


In addition to obvious inclusions like Tangerine Dream (who composed one of my favorite scores of the 80s) there are tracks from S U R V I V E— an Austin-based band to which the show’s composers, Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, belong.

Now if you’ll excuse me, Winona invited me over for meatloaf and a movie (I think she rented Beverly Hills Cop) and I don’t want to be late.


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i love the score.

i was exhausted for winona ryder, the actress, because she is in a manic and panicked state in every scene of the season. yes, of course i’m also exhausted for her character!