St. Vincent Debuts Nostalgia Exploration Song 'Teenage Talk' on Girls

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Last night during the credits of Girls, the show debuted St. Vincent's "Teenage Talk," one of multiple songs written specifically for this season of the series.

Dreamy and synth-laden, "Teenage Talk" (which you can listen to here) is both a celebration and rejection of nostalgia. "We snuck out that night, rolled the Chrysler down the driveway, but once we were inside, couldn't figure out where we were off to," goes Annie Clark's warbling ode to the boring, beautiful and ephemeral nature of being a teenager.

But then the tone shifts: "That's just teenage talk," Clark sings. "I don't think the past is better, better. Just because it's cased in glass, protecting us from our now and later."


The song is more gentle and melodic than anything off of St. Vincent's excellent and aggressive 2014 self titled album and less weird than her cool collaborations with David Byrne. But that's the beauty of Clark and her music, I guess. No matter how she's presenting herself creatively, she rarely—if ever—disappoints.

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I love her so much, and I also love THIS LOOK. Annie, pls stop by and do a Product Diary for Millihelen, k?