Stormzy's Rescued By His Ride-Or-Die in the New Video for 'Cigarettes & Cush'

Kehlani doesn’t appear in the video for “Cigarettes & Cush,” her collaboration with Stormzy on his excellent album Gang Signs & Prayer. But it’s fine, because London’s finest needed to live out this dramatic weed parable, in which he plays a plant kingpin whose lady-cop girlfriend saves him so they can drive away and smoke joints into the night.


It’s perhaps not the most original idea for a video, but for a love song centered around kush there are not a ton of places it could probably go; most importantly, it looks beautiful. Directed by Daps, who’s also responsible for Migos’s lifelong epic “Bad & Boujee” among many others, every shot is artfully composed and lighted right, blue/purple gels illuminating Stormzy and his badgal like gems. Also, England is wild if dealers are passing off knapsacks of weed at like, horse runs. Look at this idyllic shit! Sign me up!

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Kehlani is hot, up and coming, and just came out. Stormzy is legit and knows how to have fun(as evidenced by his bits in chewing gum). Love them both!