Screenshot via Logo TV.

As Mike Pence, Satan’s meticulously groomed undersecretary, lurches toward what may be the most powerful vice-presidency in history, we have to move to protect what’s ours—our bodies, our civil rights, our ability to put on a giant wig and heavy contour and lip sync to Gloria Estefan in front of RuPaul.

I have been perusing the merch sections of my favorite Drag Race contestants’ websites, and, my friends, this stuff is awesome. It might not change much, but why not celebrate the joyful torpedoing of the status quo that is drag? Why not make a drag queen a little richer today? Katya, my iconic pseudo-Russian queen, has quite literally found herself under the heel of Putin—please buy her shit; I already did! Alaska Thunderfuck, whose classic debut album “Anus” plays daily in my heart, has some very good iPhone covers—a nice holiday gift for a colleague! Want the world to know that you are “purse first”? Check out Bob the Drag Queen’s very good t-shirts.


Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Katya Zamolodchikova

Bobblehead Dye Tee, $40


Business Woman Dye Tee, $40

Dykea Tote Bag, $15


Bob the Drag Queen

Bob the Drag Queen T-Shirt, $25


“Purse First” T-Shirt, $30

Alaska Thunderfuck

“Anus” iPhone 6 and 6+ cases, $15


Alaska Newport T-Shirt, $20

Kim Chi

“Donut Come For Me” Tank Top, $30


Bianca del Rio

“Not Today Satan” Snapback Hat, $29.95


Bianca Tote Bag, $19.95

Bianca Faces All-Over Print T-Shirt, $34.95


Courtney Act

Courtney T-Shirt, $25


Adore Delano

iPhone 5 Cover, $10



Spilled Milk Tee, $25


Lady Bunny

Lady Bunny Tee #2, $38


Please also consider making a donation to the ACLU, Amnesty International, GLAAD, or the Human Rights Campaign.