Suzanne Somers Would Like You to Know That She and Her Husband Are Very Horny

Suzanne Somers’s husband of over 40 years, 83-year-old Alan Hamel, is very horny. Oh my god. Oh my god. He’s so horny it’s just unbelievable. I do not have firsthand evidence of this horniness, but on Monday’s Watch What Happens Live, Somers assured the audience it is indeed true, using those very words. In response to this revelation, Hamel, the night’s clubhouse bartender, did this:


Well, all right.

Somers has been discussing her sex life frequently in public over the last week or so while on a media tour for her 27th book (that’s not a typo, her twenty-seventh book), A New Way to Age. In the clips reel embedded above, you will see that she has both perpetuated and refuted the report that she and Hamel have sex twice a day. She has joked that her recent hip fracture was a result of all of this sex she’s having, at times not really letting on that she was joking. She has discussed shooting her husband up with testosterone and her own hormone replacement therapy (she does the bioidentical stuff, which despite her enthusiasm, has yet to be proven as safer than synthetic hormones in large, longterm studies and HRT remains controversial because of its risks, which may for some outweigh its benefits).


Somers, who is 73, says she stays talking about sex because, “At 73, everybody thinks it’s over, and I just want women and men to know it ain’t over.” Clearly! And, you know what else? Fair enough.

Some Pig. Terrific. Radiant. Humble.

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