The exuberant, hyper-melodic, anything-goes Virginia rapper D.R.A.M. released "Cha Cha" last year, just as the days were starting to turn colder, and the track—with its perfect lights-on-a-patio Latin dance sample and the Super Mario prize-noises punctuating the easy clap of the beat—was a shot of gorgeous, warm, lazy, silly summer love. That vibe is even more necessary right now, and D.R.A.M.'s new video for "Cha Cha" is pure joy, four minutes of stunting with all the fun and none of the posture. With the help of some tite animation, D.R.A.M. brings a pillow-fight vibe to the club, the parking lot, a random family's dinner—and pulls everyone in (kids included) for a confetti jam at the end.


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All this is doing is giving me a winter-fatigue induced rage headache. WHY WONT THE COLD GREY DAMPNESS END