Watch Pharrell's Super Awkward Grammy Acceptance Speech

Pharrell has won many awards in life, but the funny thing is that winners never get used to winning all the time. While accepting the Grammy Award for Best Pop Solo Performance for "Happy," the super-producer did a great job of trying not to be awkward while being awkward anyway.


"I'm not gonna make this awkward...and long," he began, already making it awkward. "I was so prepared for everybody else that is so talented in that category to walk away with that award."

"I never thought I would win" is top-5 acceptance speech speak for "I figured I might!" It's the type of humblebrag shock that would make Taylor Swift proud. Anyway, just as the music started to play Pharrell off stage, he said, "This is super awkward, and, um, I'm gonna moonwalk my way off the stage right now." Sadly, he didn't.


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