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I do not expect that the upcoming film version of Cats will provide much Oscar fodder (though never say never), but there was some speculation that Taylor Swift might at least get a nod for her original song collaboration with Andrew Lloyd Webber, especially since it got nominated for a Golden Globe. Alas, no dice.

Vulture reports that the track, “Beautiful Ghosts,” did not appear on the Oscar shortlist for Best Original Song, which the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences released on Monday. The list did include the Beyoncé track “Spirit” from The Lion King, along with Pharrell Williams’ “Letter to My Godfather” from The Black Godfather, Cynthia Erivo’s “Stand Up” from Harriet, and a bunch of Disney stuff.


As for Cats itself, the Academy hasn’t released a shortlist for Best Picture (Parasite is on the Best International Feature Film list), and Cats didn’t even get nominated for a Golden Globe, despite this website’s insistence that it get the recognition it deserves. Please give the CGI (ish) cats some trophies, at least for having to put up with all this shit:

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