Tessa Thompson Might Be the New Alien-Fighting Star of Men in Black

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Seen an alien? Don’t worry, Tessa Thompson will help fix that.

The actress is reportedly in talks to star in the new Men in Black spin-off with Chris Hemsworth, Variety reports. But if you’re thinking they are the lead duo of the movie like the other installments, Hollywood Reporter writes that apparently the new movie is “more of an ensemble piece than a two-hander and will be more global in scope.”


In between her recent role in Annihilation in which she (spoilers) literally turns into a flower bush, or her part as the icy Delos executive director on Westworld, Thompson is setting herself up to be a serious sci-fi queen. She’s also recently been accompanying Janelle Monáe to whatever cyborg planet that pop star is building on her forthcoming album, so I have no doubt that she will take to fighting aliens swiftly.

Now if you just stare into this bright light, we can help you forget this post in three, two, one...

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Um, did you just refer to the queen, Janelle Monáe, as “that pop star”?