That 3-Year-Old Baby DJ Totally Won South Africa's Got Talent

DJ Arch Jnr is a baby DJ that is quite unlike the “baby” “DJs” who holler at you in bars, because he is actually a baby and also a DJ. He’s so good at being both these things—at age three, he’s already been DJing for one full year—that he just emerged victorious as the grand-prize winner of South Africa’s Got Talent.


According to Fact, wee baby DJ Arch Junior has developed himself as a YouTube phenomenon, but it’s clearly the live experience that really establishes him as one of the world’s best DJs of all time. He needs a visual countdown to start because he is really too young to understand the concept of time, but rhythm is clearly inherent at any age, as he throws down kwaito and house tracks with at least the precision of the scrub “selecting” at the last bar or party you attended. He’s on CDJs and two laptops and already has signature DJ moves.

Surely curmudgeons like Deadmau5 have something to say about this but if they do they are total monsters, because Arch Jnr is a child, and he is three. This baby DJ is thriving, and he beat out a fully grown adult woman whose talent was puppetry. To paraphrase Zhane: “Hey baby DJ keep playin that song all night on and on and on...”

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Can any actual DJs confirm that this baby is even doing anything? Couldn’t his dad just have made a playlist and the baby just pushes random buttons to appear like he’s doing something?<<Coincidentally, the same thing I do at work...