That Terrifying Story About the 'Worst Roommate Ever' Is Becoming a Movie

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I can never get enough horrible roommate stories (hello, remember Lo Mein man?), and I certainly can never get enough horrible roommate movies. And now, joining the canon of movies like Single White Female, Shallow Grave, and The Roommate, comes the future adaptation of New York Magazine’s “Worst Roommate Ever” story.


In case you need a refresher, the story followed the brazen con-artist Jamison Bachman, who went by “Jed Creek” and terrorized a number of roommates as a serial squatter who refused to leave the property after being asked to leave. He’d allegedly clog toilets with cat litter, ruin floors, and even tried to physically attack more than one roommate, among other things:

Bachman wasn’t a typical squatter in that he did not appear especially interested in strong-arming his way to free rent (although he often granted himself that privilege); instead, he seemed to relish the anguish of those who had taken him in without realizing that they would soon be pulled into a terrifying battle for their home. Nothing they did could satisfy or appease him, because the objective was not material gain but, seemingly, the sadistic pleasure of watching them squirm as he displaced them.


Blumhouse Productions, known for their horror movies, like Get Out, The Purge, and Paranormal Activity, acquired the rights to the story to make both a movie and a documentary TV series, Deadline reports. I suggest you familiarize yourself with Bachman’s story now (it ends in grisly fashion), so that when everyone and their grandmother is talking about him in the near future you can impress people at parties by knowing everything about his bizarre crimes.

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I’ve had one roommate and never again.

She surrendered my cats to the local shelter while I was away on vacation and told me they had escaped outside and been killed by a coyote, and she’d had her boyfriend bury them. There was even a spot that could have been a burial site. She clearly paid attention to detail.

Except the detail that my best friend worked as a vet tech at the exact shelter she had brought them to and had left me multiple messages about the situation which I promptly received once I was back in the US.

So yeah, no roommates.