The ‘182’ in Blink-182 Now Stands For Their Ages Combined

Blink-182 released the video for their second hit single, “What’s My Age Again?” in the summer of 1999. That’s 17 years. That’s three presidents. Six Lord of the Rings movies. Nine Britney Spears albums. That’s enough time for high school, a gap year, college, an extended period of aimlessness, grad school, and a few solid years of post-graduate living. But you know what it wasn’t? Enough time for the members of Blink-182 to grow up.


The pop-punk group (which is now a trio because Tom DeLonge has begun focusing his career on exposing our government’s alien cover-up) released the video for their new single “She’s Out of Her Mind” on Thursday, and it’s essentially the concept of “What’s My Age Again?” only this time instead of naked members of Blink 182 running through Los Angeles, it’s naked young women who are in no way affiliated with the band running through Los Angeles.

It made me sad, and it made me feel old. Also, the song blows.

Staff Writer, Jezebel | Man

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