The Cast of Schitt's Creek Really Raided the Props Department

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It seems like the one thing celebrities truly aren’t allowed to do is steal clothes from the props department on movies and shows they’ve worked on. (By way of especially stupid example, Ben Affleck eventually got billed for the batarang he plucked from the Justice League set.)

But the cast of Schitt’s Creek apparently went nuts, telling Variety that they took stuff by the armload following the wrap of the sixth and final season. (Unlike Affleck, they paid for it from the outset.)

“It looked like I was raiding the place,” Annie Murphy said. “I had my arms full of paintings and plants”—one of which was her Elmdale College diploma featuring her degree in “Marketing and Pubic Relations.” Classic.


Catherine O’Hara, for her part, nabbed some things she could actually use, hauling away “the show’s over-the-top closet full of patterns, jewels and wigs.” Is it cheating to dress as a character you’ve played on a show for Halloween? Because she should. Every year:

“I have a rack full of clothes that I’m hoping to take, but I have to find out how much I’m going to owe,” O’Hara quipped. “I don’t get all of it for free, but it’s so tempting. I have such a beautiful wardrobe.”

Meanwhile, Dan Levy made off with Rose Apothecary’s first receipt, and Eugene Levy grabbed some family portraits that hung on the walls of Rosebut Motel. “They hold more value because they were the very first things we did on the show, were taking those family stills—even before we started shooting,” he said.

Very sweet, but not as sweet as O’Hara’s new wig collection.

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