The Fab Five Endure

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Queer Eye’s conquest of modern pop culture continues! Vulture reports that Netflix’s flagship has been renewed for a fourth and fifth season, ensuring that, at the least, Home Goods will stay in business a few years longer.


Per Vulture:

The new episodes will drop on Netflix July 19. Just like season three, the fourth season will be headquartered is in Kansas City, Missouri. [...] In season five, which begins production this June, the team will take their talents above the Mason-Dixon to Philadelphia.


Season 5 will debut in 2020. In the meantime, the cohort of rich television stars have promoted more than enough products and services to keep everyone busy throughout the year. And as we look towards the future of their empire, I have a few questions:

  • Will Tan continue hawking golf shirts as an acceptable wardrobe staple?
  • How many grey sofas will Bobby buy for the unsuspecting men of Kansas City and Missouri?
  • Will Antoni share the exclusive recipes of his hallowed eatery, Village Den?
  • Has Karamo included the recent shifts in sneaker trends into his upcoming sartorial choices? (The dad shoe is dead! Long live the flip flop!)
  • Will Jonathan Van Ness be debuting his Charmin Toilet Paper catchphrase on the small screen?

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Danny DeVito's pronunciation of "who're"

I AM SO EXCITED! Every time a new season drops, my dad takes notes from Tan and makes me take him shopping for Tan-inspired clothes.

Also, Bobby and his team do the most *incredible* work in such a short timeframe, I wish more time was spent showing what he does, and how, rather than watch Antoni smell things or JVN wash hair (I love them both but come on, more Bobby love please! He makes me cry more than anyone, his awful childhood and how far he has come is stunning)

Or just give Bobby his own home improvement/renovation show, thanks.