The Favourite Trailer Promises Dark Comedy About the Absurdity of Court Life

Coming soon: a costume drama starring Olivia Colman, Rachel Weisz, and Emma Stone—and directed by Yorgos Lanthimos—about the court of Queen Anne. Based on this teaser trailer, the movie looks weird and fucked up and really the perfect tone for telling a story about monarchy.


For those who don’t know this particular deep cut of a monarch beyond her lending her name to styles of houses and plants, IndieWire explains:

Officially described as a “bawdy, acerbic tale of royal intrigue, passion, envy, and betrayal,” Lanthimos’ latest film is set in 18th century England during the court of Queen Anne (played by Colman). Weisz plays Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough and confidante, advisor, best friend, and secret lover to the Queen. Their long-standing relationship is threatened when Sarah’s younger cousin Abigail (played by Emma Stone) comes to court, leading to a battle royale between the pair for the Queen’s affections (and the power that comes with them).

In an interview, Weisz compared the story to All About Eve: “There’s an intense rivalry between my character and [Emma Stone’s], a little bit like ‘All About Eve’ in that way. My character is usurped by a younger suitor, for the role of the favorite.”

Also fun: Olivia Colman, who is playing Queen Anne, will be replacing Claire Foy on The Crown to play the middle-aged Queen Elizabeth.

This trailer promises SCREAMING!!!! and lots of satirical absurdity, which, frankly, is probably the most accurate take on monarchy throughout its history—an institution that’s simultaneously deadly serious and also a mechanism for selecting a single adult for an entire kingdom to treat like a capricious toddler as long as they live. God save the Queen!

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Here’s a youtube video about costuming from the period;

from the site Prior Attire