The Fifty Shades Freed Trailer Abandons Subtlety For Straight Up Fuckin'

The teaser for Fifty Shades Freed was very focused on marriage, vows, ominous threats, and a few hints at sexual playfulness. What the full trailer wants you to know is there will still the brand’s signature unsexy sex that you’ve grown to love, to hate, to love again, and so on.

This trailer is about fifty shades hornier and, in fact, features six separate clips of the best this movie has to offer: Jamie Dornan with his shirt off.

All screengrabs via YouTube.

Um, ya sold me.

Ana has also had a personality spruce up. She’s not just a blushing bride, she’s Mrs. Grey and you better remember it. In the new trailer, she’s telling off a presumptuous architect trying to hump her hubby, driving a car like a speed racer, and hiding a gun in her pantaloons. That Alexander Skarsgard knock-off is still threatening her with a knife, but this trailer makes me believe Anastasia Grey can handle it—and then get the hair sexed off her head in a bathtub afterwards.

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