The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling Are Ready to 'Set the Weirdos Free' in Season 2

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“I say we do whatever the hell we wanna do—set the weirdos free and see what happens” is my motto in life, but it is also a line from the Season 2 trailer for GLOW, which returns to Netflix on June 29.

Judging by the trailer, the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling are more successful than ever and yet still working in the grotty conditions they’ve come to know and probably not love. But it also looks like the show is in jeopardy yet again thanks to some predatory showbiz man.

They all face their own struggles—including Debbie, who appears in the clip confessing to forgetting her kid at daycare. Really though the true joy of this show lies in a bunch of women standing around in ’80s workout gear yelling, “Fuck no!”

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Kit the Cat

I’m so excited for this to come back, and am hopeful from the trailer that they might dive more into the stories of some of the other women than they did last season.