The Inmates Get New Prison Digs, Frenemies in Orange Is the New Black's Season 6 Trailer

“It’s very different heah. These girls are psychos,” Lorna says in the Season 6 trailer for Orange Is the New Black. Oh yes, that’s right, there was a riot, Litchfield got destroyed, and now there’s a new corrupt prison in town. In Season 6, the inmates relocate to maximum security post-riot, which means they are not in Kansas anymore, figuratively.

In case you forgot (which you probably did because a lot has happened in your life in a year’s time), Season 5 ended with Piper, Alex, Taystee, and others hiding in a bunker. Alex and Piper got engaged! Chang escaped! A new prison means new factions, new relationships, new anxieties, and definitely some hazing. The riot is under investigation, Red is still unruly, and Taystee feels scared because she knows “they” (the Man) are coming for her. All I know is Suzanne is right in saying, “Navigating adult female friendships is so complicated.” This series was due for an electric shock to keep me watching.

Season 6 premieres July 27 on Netflix.

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About two years ago I completely forgot that I watched this show. Season 6... 6? Really?

Did Piper’s sentence get extended? Wasn’t she only supposed to be in for 11 months?