Justin Bieber is a happy man. But like any human being, he’s also sad sometimes. Nowhere is this more evident than in his new video for “Company.”

This video—for a blithe, charismatic summer jam I very much like—shows a compilation of concert footage from Bieber’s Purpose tour, photo shoots and general life experiences in the past year. Bieber seems impressed with it—“Personally, I love this video,” he says of his own video. “Because it’s an honest look at my journey. The process of putting together this album and this tour surrounded by people I love to be with—has been really special.”

He may love to be with them, but the most notable thing about the video is that Bieber is awfully sad a lot in it. I’ve done my best to interpret his thoughts in those sad moments below.

I’m sad because, similar to this Greek statue next to me, heavy is the head that wears the crown.

You can’t see my facial expression here, but my posture conveys sadness.

Both my reflection and I are melancholy.

This is me looking at footage of sad Bieber.

I’m so fucking sad.

I wish I was sad in that taxi...

All these people came to see me, why? Because I’m a talented entertainer who sings great pop songs that make all the world smile and dance? Maybe I should be happier...

Never mind.

Sigh. Go ahead, take your pictures.

Dear God....I have a lot to say...

This is my favorite tree because it makes me think of sad things.

This is my favorite hammock because it makes me think of sad things while also sleeping, which is my favorite thing.

You can touch me. But, really, you CAN’T. And that makes me sad.

Gonna skate now.

Don’t look at me.

I’m so sexy it’s sad and it hurts.

All we need is somebody to lean on.

Look at this beautiful world.

Look at that headless man in the back. I’m sad.

Look at me.

What is the major key of life DJ Khaled keeps talking about?

To be fair, the video does feature brief flashes of happiness, few and far between. Let’s celebrate those moments.

::Inhale:: Mmmmmm.

Lol I’m trippin’. I’m not that sad. ::Smiles::

Images via screenshot