The Masked Singer Continues to Spread Joy and Stupidity to All Who Dare to Watch

Many shows on television are stupid, but few are as flagrantly stupid as The Masked Singer. This is a good thing, I have decided, for no good reason. Whatever, gotta be looking at something when your eyes are open. On Wednesday’s second episode, we heard the phrase “sexy toothbrush,” a play on a celebrity’s name (“Chris Pineapple”), and the mulling of the possibility that Barack Obama or Ruth Bader Ginsburg might be one of the contestants. Meanwhile, a certain punchiness is now apparent within most attendees of this taping—there’s the ridiculous panel, of course, but also the audience is apparently perpetually in such a state of frenzied joy. The projection of their reactions is so broad it’s like the emotive equivalent of interpretive dance.


Please enjoy the highlights reel above, edited so as to underline the intoxicating incoherence of this entire ridiculous enterprise. This is my happening and it freaks me out.

Here’s a bonus snap of what I look like when I watch this show for the entire hour:

Illustration for article titled The Masked Singer Continues to Spread Joy and Stupidity to All Who Dare to Watch

Some Pig. Terrific. Radiant. Humble.



I’ve only seen the adds, but as a karaoke host, I’m always down to check out the equipment. I find the “using a microphone” while wearing a mask to be absolutely ludicrous. Either they’re mic-ed inside the mask, or they’re pre-recorded. Either way, it is obvious that the microphone is a useless prop. Stop making the performers add an extra useless bit to keep track of.