The Masked Singer's Ladybug is Squashed

This week on The Masked Singer, we were subjected to a blast from the past for whom there is little to no nostalgia: Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. He brought with him jokes that maybe would have felt fresh and audacious 20 years ago: He pleaded with the Ladybug to sniff her butt, he presumed Ken Jeong’s lack of sexual chemistry with his panel (because he’s a dork... or Asian?), he cracked that, “Dogs and foxes are natural enemies, much like Robin Thicke and any woman born before the year 2000.” I guess it’s useful that someone pointed out Thicke’s reputation for creepiness, but everyone laughed at the idea that the judge’s age cap is 19? What? I do not mean to sound overly sensitive about a stupid rubber talking dog, but get that coarse humor out of my absurdist family entertainment! Otherwise, a weak episode this week (hello, Kelly Osbourne), though I love that Nicole Scherzinger knows Strangers With Candy. Every week she finds a new way to tell us she’s cool. Try to enjoy the montage.


Some Pig. Terrific. Radiant. Humble.

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I have no idea how a creep like Robin Thicke and Thyphoid Jenny McCarthy are on TV right now. They’re both has-beens to begin with, never mind their problematic histories with dating and vaccination. (I mean, Jenny McCarthy IS the face of the anti-vaxx movement).

Yeah. Can’t watch this.