Former One Direction member and wearer of his girlfriend Gigi Hadidā€™s Anna Sui T-shirt Zayn Malik is back with a new single that compares a woman to drugs, and a mask that looks like it was ripped off the face of MF Doom. We know weed is good, but is ā€œSour Diesel?ā€ Jezebel investigates in this exclusive excerpt from our Slack:

Julianne Escobedo Shepherd: New Zayn. About weed (eyeroll emoji). Wow why does this sound like Bauhaus?


Rich Juzwiak: lol. What the fuck. Iā€™m not against this because the chorus has that yacht rock funk to it.

Clover Hope: This is Miguel-y

Rich: Oh yeah itā€™s very Wildheart.

Julianne: That slap bass, lmao.

Rich: Itā€™s very dad-gets-into-weed.

Claire Shaffer: Extremely Wildheart.

Julianne: Man, I do NOT like this song.

Claire: Thereā€™s a lot going on here.

Hazel Cills: Bauhaus??? CLICK.

Rich: I turned it off, JES.

Julianne: I liked the beginning when it sounded like he was gonna do a ā€œBela Lugosiā€™s Deadā€ cover.

Julianne: Oh my god this ā€˜80s guitar riff. HELP!!!!

Claire: Itā€™s.....not that much like Bauhaus after the intro.

Julianne: NO!!!!

Claire: It tries to be FUNKY and itā€™s not.

Julianne: Oh my god Rich click ahead to 2:49. This riff is insane.

Claire: Eugghhhhh.

Julianne: Oh my god. Itā€™s SO EIGHTIES GUITAR RIFF

Ashley: Yo.

Julianne: I feel like Iā€™m riding in an ā€˜87 Fiat and watching a Rodney Dangerfield movie.


Rich: Now Iā€™m back on board. This is too stupid for me not to enjoy it.

Julianne: I think I love it too hahah. Just that part tho.

Hazel: Not good. It sounds like 1975.

Claire: Is this a thing that the Pop Men are doing now? The corny ā€™80s throwback? Iā€™m just thinking of John Mayer.


Hazel: Zayn just has zero personality.

Clover: Ah to Be Old.

Julianne: You know who did it first and best? Ty Dolla $ign, and saxophones.

Rich: Itā€™s very Bugle Boy Jeans commercial.

Julianne: omg YES BUGLE BOY.

Ashley: This Zayn audio is fascinating me. His music is always more interesting than he is, which sometimes isnā€™t saying much. But this time it might be.


Clover: I need one of these kids to cover ā€œKokomo.ā€