The MTV VMAs From GrandSon's Eyes

From the opening of this year’s MTV VMAs to the very sleepy end (actually they most likely left the show early), Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson didn’t come to play—they came to PDA. And as such, all of MTV’s camera eyes were affixed to the royal couple of the moment slash greatest love story of our time every time they did something. Anything. What did they think of that performance? How proud was he to get a shoutout from his future bride? What were they whispering to each other? What were their plans for after the show (wink)? Here are the VMAs from the Grande, Davidson—GrandSon—vantage.

Culture Editor, Jezebel

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Omg he looks terrible, exactly how I would look with hair that color.

Tone it or, better yet, fill and dye it back brown, child. You need more contrast.