The New Documentary About Transgender YouTube Star Gigi Gorgeous Looks So Good

I became aware of Gigi Gorgeous in 2012, not long after becoming alarmingly obsessed with a reality web series she starred in called The Avenue. The show was basically The Hills: Canada—a perfectly paced, wholly addictive piece of postmodern pseudo-reality—and its breakout star was clearly Gigi Gorgeous.


I quickly discovered that Gigi (who identified as Gregory at the time) ran a popular YouTube channel (that predated The Avenue) in which she gave makeup tutorials and shared captivating personal tales (she really is one of the best storytellers on the internet) to legions of rabid fans. I kept up with her for years, and—along with her millions of followers—have watched her come out as transgender, struggle through the physical and emotional pains of gender confirmation surgery, and speak about her all to frequent experiences with harassment.

So imagine how delighted I felt upon discovering that Gigi’s life story would be the subject of a documentary directed by Barbara Kopple, the Oscar-winning filmmaker who directed Harlan County, USA and Shut Up and Sing, and that it’s scheduled to be released next month.


Watch the trailer above, shed a few tears during the interviews with the family, and then binge-watch The Avenue. Trust me.

Staff Writer, Jezebel | Man

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Canadian? She’s Canadian?????

Great. More immigrants coming into the U.S. and taking up all our good hot transgender YouTube sensation jerbs. #ThanksObama