The New Les Mis Miniseries Looks Highly Dramatic, Contains No Singing

PBS and the BBC have released a trailer for the new, no-singing Les Misérables mini-series. Despite the lack of singing and adaptor Andrew Davies’ apparent determination to rescue the book from the phenomenally popular musical, it is clear they are attacking the source material with a similar level of dramatic fervor.


Dominic West is playing Jean Valjean, David Oyelowo is Javert, and Lily Collins will be Fantine, sans tear-jerking solo. Also included: Olivia Colman in yet another costume drama—though this time, she will not be playing a queen, but rather shady innkeeper’s wife Madame Thénardier. A nice change of pace, really.

I truly hope they devote an entire episode to explaining the Parisians sewers in the style of the first half-hour of Casino, as a tribute to Victor Hugo.

Senior Editor, Attic Haunter, Jezebel



Olivia Colman as Thénardier? Cannot wait. Must watch. NOW.

(I had never heard of her before watching The Night Manager. She is fantastic. Also cannot wait for The Favourite and the next series of The Crown.)