Rings has been getting teased like crazy, especially on director Javier Gutierrez’s Instagram account, where he seems to be documenting every delay and set back to the continuation of the spooky franchise.


Finally, the official trailer is here, and you know what? It scared me. There’s lots of gross skin peeling and warped fingers and demonic TV sets, as usual. There’s also a movie within the movie which is also a part of the movie. More rings than a tree, this trailer has!


The film has been pushed back for some time, after the first sequel from 2005 took some time to catch up to its box office expectations with international success. Rings was originally slated for 2015, and got continuously delayed.

The movie is supposed to be set 13 years after the last film’s events, and Naomi Watts is nowhere in sight. Nor is there a VCR player, but at the end of the trailer Samara is crawling around an airplane’s entertainment system. Possession is complimentary with your Dasani mini-water.

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