The New Season of The Handmaid's Tale Looks Like the Exact Romp You Thought It Would Be

The full length trailer for Hulu’s second season of The Handmaid’s Tale is out and—while it may surprise you like the shock of an electric cow prodder—it is very dark and intense.

This is the first series that will leave behind its source material, Margaret Atwood’s 1985 dystopian novel of the same name, though Season One already began to deviate by showing what’s going on outside of Gilead and keeping up with Moira (Samira Wiley) and Luke (O-T Fagbenle). (Keepin’ Up With Moira and Luke also happens to be the name of the spin-off sitcom I’ve been pitching to Hulu and I’ve yet to hear a response.)

Will Offred/June (Elisabeth Moss) finally be free? And if yes, what will she do about her baby with Nick (Max Minghella) if and when she’s reunited with Luke? The answer is obviously to form a throuple, but many other questions remain. One certainty: The audience is in for a brutal journey, both because of the encroachment of real life draconian reproductive laws and the decidedly bleak television we consume to distract ourselves from them.


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Never read the book. Didn’t really have any interest in the show. I hate dark shit and mostly stick to goody comedies when it comes to TV and movies ... I prefer to turn my brain off not be left feeling even more hopeless. That being said, I ended up watching it one day because my kid was sent home sick and I had nothing to do. I LOVED it. I thought the dark humor was great, music choices were fun, and despite the dark subject matter, it wasn’t just all doom and gloom. I actually didn’t watch the last episode because my free Hulu ran out but I googled the I will definitely watch this season but will probably wait until I can watch it bootleg on the Amazon stick or something.