The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Will Be the Longest One Ever

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion this season will roll out in four parts—a first for the franchise—which means FOUR entire episodes of people hashing out their issues, lying, issuing non-apologies and trying to come up with the best comebacks while wearing bizarrely elegant gowns.

Anyone with basic reality IQ knows the reunion is where the cast comes together to skewer each other and address conflicts that came up during taping. Often, they’ll also bring up the scandalous or questionable tweets they’ve shared as the season was airing. In the process, we get to catch up on them and see if they’ve changed at all.


While other networks manage to achieve this specifically destructive form of group therapy with one reunion episode, Bravo and host Andy Cohen are notorious for stretching their reunions out to oblivion—The Vanderpump Rules reunion is airing in three parts right now. Because there was so much new dirt and so many accusations this season, RHOA will show four reunion episodes that might as well be considered be an epilogue. Here’s a teaser for part one, which airs on April 16.

Via E! Online:

Part 1:

In part one, Kenya and Shereé go head-to-head over their homes (of course), Phaedra and Kenya look back at their rocky friendship, Kenya pokes the bear when it comes to Porsha’s anger management and Porsha and Kandi go at it.


Part 2:

Part two, which airs Sunday, April 23, Kenya looks back at her relationship with Matt. Phaedra discusses her divorce from Apollo Nida and Shereé reveals more details about her tumultuous marriage to Bob.


Part 3:

Part three features the men of RHOA coming together, including Bob, Todd confronts Phaedra and Peter discusses life after Cynthia. And then “Lesbiangate” rears its head once again and extend through the fourth part airing Sunday, May 7.


Part 4:

However, in part four, the cameras go beyond the couches and capture behind-the-scenes moments (as you can see in the dramatic trailer above), tears and conversations. Can the ladies of Real Housewives of Atlanta ever move past this?


Best prepare your provisions.

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