The Real Housewives of Miami Are Back and Quarantined All Alone On an Island

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The Real Housewives of Miami bopped off the air after a few seasons spent bubbling under the radar of general American viewers. It was fine, and mostly remembered for that time Brandi Glanville told Joanna Krupa that her vagina smelled like fish. Perhaps it was the fallout from that lawsuit that ended its extremely brief three-season run on the network, or perhaps it was piss-poor ratings and a generally unmemorable cast.


Regardless, it’s back now, but the women won’t be allowed to sit with their peers at the lunch table.

People reports that at the Television Critics Association Press Tour, NBCUniversal’s equally unmemorable streaming service Peacock announced that the show would return exclusively to the service, which is responsible for 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation disappearing from the Netflix queues of my coworkers and enemies worldwide.

Alongside Andy Cohen, Matt Anderson, Nate Green, and Cooper Green will also join on as executive producers. Beyond that, not much is known about the makeup of the cast, or who might be back. Its former roster included disgraced Kardashian hanger-on Larsa Pippen, Joana Krupa, Marysol Patton, Lea Black, and more. Considering its exile on the streaming service, maybe it will be more like a “where are they now” than a full-blown revival. Or, the conglomerate has just run out of ideas for how to possibly compete with its competitors.

In the meantime, enjoy this throwback to a simpler time in Bravo’s extended universe.


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