We’ve been teased, we’ve been advertised to, but the official Season 2 trailer for Westworld—set to a moody orchestral rendition of Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box”—is now actually here. The women, they are taking over.


Though its starts out in the classic dream sharing therapy between Dolores and Bernard, the trailer quickly spins out to show the wider park and the wider world. No one is where they were programmed to be. ShogunWorld is finally revealed, while Thandie Newton’s Maeve remains on the hunt for her daughter. Dolores maybe leaves the park entirely, trading her petticoats for a modern little black dress (with all the horse riding and adventuring she’s been doing, you’d think she’d choose a practical pantsuit, but that’s her choice...maybe).

This season is promising blood, some explanation of the exact topography of this place (an island? A continent? What is happening?), and Jimmi Simpson laying down in the dirt. It seems more and more like The Man In Black is just excited to commit suicide by a robot; I hope only that he is denied everything he wants by the woman he’s tormented, and lives a long miserable life trapped in a hole.

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I cannot wait!! The only thing that made me sad was that I forgot there is 4+ more weeks until the premiere. I may have to watch season 1 over again. ;)