The Roger Ailes Movie May Have Found Its Gretchen Carlson in Nicole Kidman

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The Hollywood casting machine has been looking for the perfect, steely blondes to staff up the new movie focusing on the late Fox News chief Roger Ailes and the women he sexually harassed who brought his awful behavior to light. With Charlize Theron already producing and cast as Megyn Kelly, the project has reportedly found its Gretchen Carlson: Nicole Kidman.

Variety reports that Kidman is in talks to play Carlson in the project, directed by Jay Roach with a script by The Big Short co-writer Charles Randolph (not exactly who I’d pick for a project shaping up with an incredible cast but, oh well!) The role is understandably extremely important given that it was Carlson who first filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Ailes in 2016, which led to more than a dozen other women coming forward with similar stories about his predatory harassment.

At the same time, there’s also a Showtime mini-series in the works about sexual harassment at Fox News with Russell Crowe recently cast as Ailes! So if you were looking forward to not being bombarded with a constant media cycle and subsequent glamorizing entertainment about sexual harassment, that time has not yet come.

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A Classy Thomas Newman score

This is so gross. Kidman has and is good friends with Rupert Murdoch and his ex wife Wendi. Kidman went with the Murdoch’s and Ivanka Trump to the Baptism of Wendi and Rupert’s children in Jordan. So she has been chummy with the enabling monster of Murdoch and now gets to swoop in as the noble actress in the in this biopic, Hollywood is a horrific cesspool.